One-Time Passwords (OTPs)—a means of Two-Factor Authentication—ensure security by complementing the classic password with a separate time-sensitive code.

But if you travel often, live abroad or frequently swap SIM cards, OTPs can be a real pain.

GlobalOTP will give you a phone number and any messages to it will immediately be forwarded to your email.

You can use the service for everything from your bank to WhatsApp.

It costs from as little as $2/month and takes just 30 seconds to set up.

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(917) 521-6408

$2 / month


We take security very seriously. GlobalOTP's code doesn't let us see—let alone store—any messages. That's why we can't help you find a message you may have deleted. Separately, your password is hashed in our database, meaning there's no way we or anyone else can decrypt it.


GlobalOTP was created by Girish Gupta who, when working in some of the world's most inhospitable places, found himself sidelined by organizations who relied on SMS-based OTPs. He wrote code to forward mobile messages to his email and soon saw wide demand.

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